CareerScope is the Most Widely Used Interest and Aptitude Test

We create adaptive software that expands the career options of individuals in transition in an inspiring and methodical way through our assessments, community, and partnerships.

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Rethinking CTE to Meet Today's High-Demand Labor Market
In honor of CTE Month, we hosted a panel discussion to learn about innovative ways CTE programs prepare students for today's complex and ever-changing world of work. CTE is good for students, good for businesses, and good for communities.

CareerScope is the partner of choice for
over 1000 organizations across the country impacting over 1 million career seekers

Organizations Amplify Their Impact with CareerScope

Our unique algorithm, coupled with robust data sources, delivers a targeted assessment that blends interests and aptitudes helping individuals discover and explore undiscovered, relevant, and exciting career options.

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The Value of Aptitude Test and Interest Assessment

Measuring only interests won't provide a full picture. Interests can change over time based on a person's experiences. On the other hand, aptitudes (our natural abilities to learn) are stable.

CareerScope's exercises measure a person's potential for successful training or employment in various occupations.

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Easily integrates into your workflow

We work to understand your workflow and increase the accuracy and impact of our assessment for the job seekers you support. Whether you serve 50 people or 5,000, we collaborate with organizations and craft the solution that works best.

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Easy to Administer with Immediate Scoring and Advanced Reporting

CareerScope's assessment results are available immediately, easy to understand, and can be customized based on your needs.

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One powerful system serving many communities

CareerScope helps students create a path to career success
Workforce Development
CareerScope leads youth & adult job-seekers to long-term employment opportunities
Vocational Rehabilitation
CareerScope is the first step to helping individuals to enter or return to the workforce
CareerScope helps adults and youth to prepare for reentry into the workforce
Veterans and Military
CareerScope helps veterans and active service members to enter or return to the workforce

What Our Partners Say

Why Clients Have Partnered with CareerScope for Decades

The first step we ALWAYS take is the CareerScope assessment!  CareerScope has been an invaluable resource for our staff to guide jobseekers through the often difficult, overwhelming and confusing career discovery process. It gives them instant results that are clear and easy to understand. 

Tiffany Clark-Trujillo
Customer Service Team Leader
Pikes Peak Workforce Center

The combination of aptitude and interest components, along with its ease of use, are what led us to choose CareerScope.  Our clients love it because it's user-friendly and doesn't take much time to complete, and our staff loves it because it has improved our efficiency.

Alan Lesley

The first step is always the CareerScope assessment. It allows us to see where the student’s interest falls and where their strengths are. We combine that information with their education and work history to help them decide what vocational trade would give them the most success when finding a job upon release.

Jessica Evans

The platform is extremely user friendly, both the administrative and the student side. The options within the reporting structure allow the counselors to provide detailed and personalized information while focusing on student strengths.

Rachel Kerrigan

News and Insights

CareerScope: The First Step for “Next Steps”

With high school and college graduation season in full swing, there’s a big focus on what students will be doing NEXT. Whether they are entering high school, college, or the workforce, it’s never too early for students to focus on career exploration and goals.

Resources for Veterans Transitioning into the Workforce

About 250,000 Service members transition to civilian life each year. Veterans transitioning out of the military often have a range of valuable skills and experiences that can be leveraged in the civilian job market.

Highlights from the Correctional Education Symposium

On May 16, I attended the virtual Correctional Education Symposium hosted by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) and the Correctional Education Association (CEA). Here are just a few of the highlights.

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