CareerScope in
Workforce Development

A path to work success

How CareerScope works
for Workforce Development
CareerScope matches individuals with careers where they have the highest potential for success. CareerScope helps lead both youth and adult job-seekers to long-term employment opportunities within the emerging workforce.
Job-Seeker Training and Placement
Whether they are entering the workforce, returning to work, changing careers, or older workers, job-seekers can set a path for work success with CareerScope. CareerScope recommendations align with today’s high growth and high replacement occupations.
A Solution That Fits Many Programs
  • Employment and Career Services
  • Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Programs for Youth, Adult and Dislocated Workers
  • Veterans Employment Services
Transition Planning / IEP
Transition goals must target what students will do after high school. CareerScope provides...
Career and Technical Education
For students who are on a school-to-work path, CareerScope is key in selecting the most....
Career Development Portfolios
It's never too early to start the career exploration process! With scoring norms from 8th grade...

What People Say

CareerScope is the assessment of choice for thousands of education professionals.

We have used CareerScope since 2007 to help guide our jobseekers to potential career opportunities. Many are switching careers or just starting out in the labor force, but don’t know where to start. The first step we ALWAYS take is the CareerScope Assessment!! CareerScope has been an invaluable resource for our staff to guide jobseekers through the often difficult, overwhelming and confusing career discovery process. It gives them instant results that are clear and easy to understand.
Tiffany Clark-Trujillo

Used worldwide

By workforce professionals in 40 states, the US Virgin Islands, Canada, and Bermuda

A Clear Path to Work Success

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