CareerScope Success Story from Morgan's Counseling and Testing Services

August 16, 2023

We reached out to our counselors and asked them to share a Success Story about their clients and how CareerScope has positively impacted them. Recently, Wendell "Scott" Morgan, CEO, Morgan's Counseling and Testing Services, shared a powerful Success Story.

CareerScope Celebrates Each Success Story

"I administer CareerScope assessments to clients of the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services. Most clients are pursuing a Commercial Driver's License through one of the local CDL schools.

CareerScope indicates whether they are a good fit for the school based on their scores. We did a study by looking at 100 clients who took the CareerScope assessment,

entered a driving school, and obtained their CDL.

Three individuals could not move forward for personal reasons, such as health. However, that left 97 individuals with viable careers as CDL drivers.

We surveyed the drivers one year later and all 97 are still commercial drivers. That is a 97% success rate.  I am not sure if Harvard is that good. LOL.

Most of these CDL drivers are getting large cash signing bonuses and great jobs. Without the use of CareerScope to place them in the schools, we would not have this success rate."

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