Aptitudes are Important!

People succeed at work and school when they have high INTEREST in what they are doing and the ABILITY to learn to perform what is required.

Interest alone
is not enough

Measuring only interests won't provide a full picture. Interests can change over time based on a person's experiences. On the other hand, aptitudes (our natural abilities to learn) are stable.

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CareerScope Aptitudes
CareerScope's aptitude exercises measure a person's potential for successful training or employment in various occupations.
General Learning
The ability to "catch on" or understand instructions and underlying principals; the ability to reason and make judgements.
The ability to understand the meaning of words, sentences, and paragraphs, and use them effectively.
Form Perception
The ability to perceive pertinent detail in objects or graphic material; the ability to make visual comparisons and see slight differences in shapes, shadings, and lines.
Return-to-Work Plans
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Job-Seeker Training / Placement
Living with a disability can impact a person's chances of success in education and employment....
Programs for Veterans and...
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The ability to comprehend the 2-D representation of 3-D objects; the ability to recognize the relationships resulting from the movement of objects in space.
The ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately without using a calculator.
Clerical Perception
The ability to perceive pertinent detail in written text or tables. Ability to perceive differences in copy, proofread words and numbers, and avoid computation errors.
CareerScope exercises were specifically designed to mirror the assessment instruments originally used during Department of Labor research on critical occupational aptitude standards.